Monday, September 6, 2010

Love and Hate

Shortly after my pop passed away, I saw a little, old Asian man in khaki pants and a baseball cap making his way in the Denver airport. I almost ran up and hugged him - I loved that little old man. I didn't know him, he just reminded me of my pop who I missed so badly then and still do today. I loved this total stranger I didn't know at all.

We love and hate from our own perspective and experience. We don't feel these emotions in a vacuum.

So, when we speak of others or others speak of us (in both positive and negative terms) it's a pretty good bet that we're actually letting the world know more about us than the object of our comments. All sentient beings have a personal perspective and agenda.

I've been a target of some pretty ugly stuff, I've also said some pretty ugly stuff, myself. I can do something about the latter and take the former with that old grain of salt.

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